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Q&A with Dr. Lewis in Camas and Vancouver WA on Eye Emergencies- Foreign Body Removal

Welcome to part 2 of our series on Eye Emergencies and what to do if you are in Camas or Vancouver WA during business hours.

Today we will be asking him about Foreign Body Removal

Q: I have sand stuck in my eye, is it dangerous?

A: Most of the time, sand can be flushed out of the eye with water or artificial tears. If you still have discomfort despite having flushed the eye, you should be evaluated by an eye doctor. Unless the sand causes an abrasion that leads to infection, the risk to vision is low.

Q: I have something stuck in my eye, how should I remove it?

A: If you are unable to flush out a foreign body from the eye, it is best to see your eye doctor for removal.

Q: I feel like I have dirt in my eye when I wear contact lenses, is that dangerous?

A: This could indicate a number of different things such as contact lenses that have developed small cracks or tears, contact lenses that have deposits of protein or lipid, solution allergy, corneal abrasion or dry eye. The best course is usually to not wear contact lenses for a few days and let the eye recover. Then begin wearing them again with a fresh pair. If you still have discomfort, you should be seen by your eye doctor.

Q: I spilled some chemical in my eye, should I remove my contacts or leave them in?

A: For any chemicals that get into the eye, you should flush the eyes for 20-30 minutes. If the contact lenses don’t come out after flushing the eyes for a few minutes, remove them and then continue to flush the eyes.

Stay tuned in 2 weeks time for the 3rd in our series of questions and answers with Dr. Lewis on Eye Emergencies in Vancouver and Camas WA.

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