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Focusing on Smartphones

These days, it would be difficult to find someone not on some sort of mobile device. These devices ensure our constant access to our friends, family and work wherever we find ourselves. However as handheld devices have small screens, a lot of users tend to hold their smartphones a lot closer than they hold printed materials. Reading off the small screens that these devices feature can often lead to a whole set of demands for your vision.

It's much harder for your eyes to focus on the small images and text you see on the small screens of smartphones. Over time, research shows this may lead to problems with focus and vision, especially if you already use vision correction, like glasses or lenses. Researches claim that when glasses-wearing individuals spend a lot of time holding a device at a closer than normal distance, the eyes have difficulty correcting for distance. Sooner or later, these challenges can result in eyestrain and headaches.

Also, a lot of time looking at your small screen can reduce your blink rate, and that can cause dry eyes and blurry vision.

But we can't all just stop using our phones. So what's the solution? In order to stop these symptoms resulting from the use of our phones, it's best to set your phone to display all text in a larger font, and hold the screen further away from your eyes. It's also good to try and regularly take breaks from staring at your phone. If you still experience headaches, you might need glasses to help you focus up close. So be smart about how you use your smart phone and care for your eyes to ensure you protect your vision.