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Focusing on Comprehensive Eye Exams

May is healthy vision month. When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? Checking your eyes regularly is one of the best steps you can take to guarantee your eyesight remains strong and healthy. During the session, your eye care professional examines your eyes, looking for common eye diseases and vision issues, some of which lack early modes of detection.

The session starts with a visual acuity test through the use of an eye chart to assess how well you see at various distances. The exterior of your eye also gets tested.

After these tests have concluded, your optometrist may proceed to examine your retina using specialized diagnostic technology. This really matters, as it will provide necessary information about the health of your eyes, as well as information regarding your overall health. For example, it can reveal signs of diseases such as diabetes and also indicate abnormal blood pressure.

You will also be screened for signs of glaucoma. Your eye care professional will do this by determining the pressure in your eye, with a rapid puff of air directed right onto the eye.

Now is the time to protect your vision. Make your eye health a foremost concern, and remember to schedule an eye exam today.